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IS Sportcrosses exist only in California and Florida, because reasons [or because 2 states that don't need AWD? That's my theory]

.And the ones in California are about $2-3k overpriced, because California. Conversely, Florida is very far away. Then again, southern California is not exactly local.

I could have it shipped, but I don’t think I’d ever in a million years buy a car sight unseen that I’ve never even sat in. Now, were it say, a Tercel, of which I’ve owned two, and also cost nothing, I could take a chance if it sounded good enough. But then shipping would cost more than the car itself.


I actually am flying down for a wedding soon, but it’s nowhere near the ones for sale (California is a large state!), and it’s a wham-bam deal where we’re there for not even 24 hours. Fairly important wedding, so I won’t dare make the trip about me, even though it’s the way everything in life should be. But I digress.

So, if I’m still car-less by fall, I will be traveling out of state by some means, and I will get my damned IS Sportcross. So now my miniscule car fund is being turned into a Opportunity Cost-Travel- Car Fund fund (patent pending). If I fly down to Florida and snag one, I can spend 4 days going back and visit some of my family along the way. It could be an adventure!

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