Is Super Replicas Still Alive?

Ah, yes, the saga of Daniel John Seppings and the quest to build the sh*ttiest kit car on planet earth.

After Patrick shared one of his old SR articles yesterday, I read all I had missed from 2-3 years ago about Super Replicas. When I attempted to contact them through almost every contact number on their websites, I only got answered from on one number.

The man was very rude. He said hello, and I promptly asked if I had reached Super Replicas. After that, he stumbled over some unintelligible words, and said “Uhh... Hello? Hello?” and hung up. Sketchy to say the least.


My question is, are they still alive? Nothing has shown up on their YouTube channel since 2014. Nothing profound has been published on Jalop this year, either.

However, I did notice that within the past 24 hours, they disabled the comments on this video. I was able to read them just last night.

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