I noticed over the past week that at times, my DD '03 Civic had developed a little stumble in its idle. Yesterday being the first legitimately nice day in RI since last October, I decided to take a cheap and easy swing at it and change my spark plugs.

Being an OHC 4 banger, the Civic is the easiest spark plug job imaginable. It took me about 15 minutes, most of which was digging through my tool box for the right size 3/8 deep socket.

Apparently it had been quite some time since anybody gave any thought to the little guy's plugs because, and I apologize for the photo quality, they almost appear to be hemispherical. Lots of buildup around the electrodes, but nice and dry. Basically they look pretty good, but very worn.


The car always bucked a little at low RPMs, but I had always attributed that to a general lack of torque and lugging the engine. Not so, apparently. The little Civic can now accelerate from 1500rpm in the higher gears perfectly smoothly. The car just generally feels better across the board.

A good $28 fix on the first nice day of the year.