Is the 2017-2019 Porsche 718 flat-four destined to be a one-off?

The 718 Cayman (and Boxster) are very beautiful entry-level Porsches, a.k.a., Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, Konstruktion und Beratung für Motoren- und Fahrzeugbau.

In some variations, the Cayman nearly surpasses the performance of the 911 base Carrerra.

Image: Porsche USA

Before this model, the cars had a beautiful flat-six engine, leading some to speculate that the 981 and 987 chassis would appreciate in value (indeed the Boxster Spyder, Cayman R, Cayman GTS and Cayman GT4 probably will regardless of future engines).

Now, however, Porsche has announced a return to form and is going to install a flat-six in the new GT4 and Spyder.

Image: Porsche USA

So the question I have is whether this is a limited change or whether it’s an about face like Porsche did with the 944/928?


I will tell you that if I had just ordered a Cayman S right now, I would be concerned.

What do you think, OPPO?

In any case, I still think the Cayman is a damn good car. It just sucks for the Cayman that the 911 exists.



I like the C8. But, I am confused—why aren’t we discussing Miatas & Brown Volvo wagons?!?



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