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Is the Dodge Challenger Demon AWD?

What are you guys thoughts I’d love to hear them! Everyone has been trying to decipher the license plate from last week’s teaser video. Car and driver breaks down their explanation of what it may mean stating:

“As for the cryptic license plate, we think the 2576 figure is a reference to the maximum torque of the engine (multiplied through the gearbox and final drive and then split among four wheels). This is merely a guess, but it makes some sense, given the Hellcat’s larger, 4010 lb-ft number for each of its two driven wheels. If our supposition is true, and the Demon uses the same final-drive and first-gear ratios as an automatic-transmission Hellcat, this engine will make about 705 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm. That would be a roughly 10 percent gain over the Hellcat’s torque output, which would equate to peak horsepower flirting with 800.”


What is your guys take? Discuss!!!

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