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Is the GEN II Viper a good handling car?

Finally got the car out to an event to do a shakedown before I start bringing it to track events. Wanted to make sure overheating was not going to be an issue and it was the perfect day for a torture test. Ambient temps were 110* in the high desert and with not turning the car off between 5-6 runs each time and idling in staging the car never overheated.

Toyo R888 tires were losing grip but they are getting towards the end of their life cycle and pavement temps were off the charts also. Played with the tire pressure settings but still didn’t seem to help much!

Should have setup my other gopro closer to the windshield for runs as it was so bright out that the camera had a bit of trouble capturing the interior and exterior exposure lighting. Oh well you can still make out the just of it and see the fun we had. Got caught in a snap oversteer situation on the second run that would not stop snapping back and forth as I tried to miss the oncoming cones. Never lost it but me and my buddy were dying laughing

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