With it being revealed yesterday that this new performance XE would cost damn near 200 grand, it got me thinking: is this going to end up being a performance car who’s performance is acknowledged and appreciated, but laughed at because of its bonkers price? It reminded me of the M4 GTS in that regard.

135 grand, with markups pushing it over 200, for what amounted to be a M4 with expensive carbon fiber wing, front lip, no rear seats and a special for no good reason water injection system that only took distilled water. Quite capable yes, but not worth the prices that were asked.

The XE SV Project 8 is going to cost supercar money for performance that literally AMG/M/S/RS/V offer for way less. Will it be worth the price? I think it’ll be worth 90 thousand. Anything more, go elsewhere, or just get you an F Type. Most people will probably compare it to the M4 GTS in that regard: capable, but overpriced. What do you guys think?