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Is the manual transmission 5-series dead in the US?

Feeling lucky after winning $560 worth of Cards tickets at work the other day, I contemplated what I would buy if my luck held out and I won the lottery as well. I don't know what I would get for myself, but instead was thinking of what car to get for my dad as a replacement for his E-class. A car for mom would be easy as she must have an automatic due to a knee injury from skiing, but I know dad wants something with a manual, preferably another BMW (he had nothing but BMWs for over 20 years).

I started working up what I would like in a nice 5er for myself (small engine, MT, no nav, sport package, upgraded stereo) and was surprised that there wasn't a choice of transmission. The only thing that came close was the optional paddles for the gearbox. Huh? No manual 5? A sad day indeed.


The only consolation I could come up with was the revelation that a modern 3-series is probably about the same size as an older 5, so perhaps it would be time to downsize. It's not like dad needs lots of room in the back of the car, and as I recall there was sufficient, albeit not exceptional, room in the back of the E34. Yet more evidence that I'm older than dirt...

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