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Is the Model S cool anymore?

Seeing this headline on Jalopniks front page put a knot in my stomach, as I still think it is cool in some sense. But hey I live in Dubuque, Ia and have only seen two driving a round here, both P85s, one in white, and the other in blue.

I imgine that the article is in some sense true due to the fact that urban areas in larger cities must have these things like my area has F 150s. I dont really know if that is true, just picked out a truck that I know sells a shit a ton, and since I can see a corn field in my front yard, I figured Id pick a truck over a Camry that most people see in their front yards, streets, what ever.

What I am saying, is that in my mind the Telsa is still cool, because it is some what exotic to me yet. I have yet to ride in one, even though I have left notes on windsheilds, and sent emails out to the companies where the car was parked in front of. Back to my point, the reason I still see them as “cool” is because it is a symbol of where we need to go with transportation in our country, we need to prove to other counties that we can build a car that doesn’t require foreign oil right here on our soil. Right in the good old USA. I am not saying we need to kill all muscle cars, and gas guzzling trucks, I am saying we need to stand behind Tesla and support them to keep pushing for innovation in the United States.

Maybe they are ending up like Camrys, but that is not a bad thing. Not yet at least.

Anyway, just what was on my mind, and it may be missing points, but I still think the Tesla is sexy cool car.

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