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Is the Regera the MClaren F1 of this decade/era of automotive evolution?

is the Regera as disruptive and as mind blowing as the MClaren F1 was when it came out in the 90's?

I think so - with the build specs and the technological advances that this car contains, proves that this car will change the way supercars/hypercars are viewed. No longer will a hypercar be delegated to just a track or a dragstrip. Now you can drive this car to social events, restaurants and its even green!. The lack of a transmission is the focal point of all the technological innovation and i think will lead to a revolution in tranny tech worldwide. What do you think OPPO??


But instead of being attached to a normal transmission, the Regera uses something called the Koenigsegg Direct Drive system. There's a small, crank-mounted electric motor to fill the torque gap (and act as a starter motor) together with a hydraulic coupling.

Each rear wheel then gets its own electric motor, and we're told that triplet of electric motors amounts to around 700bhp alone. Christian tells us that from take-off, with the coupling open, you power off purely on electric drive, with no need for a gearbox. As soon as it gains a few more revs, the hydraulic coupling begins to close, and the smaller crank-mounted electric motor joins in to help the bottom part of the torque curve.


And then finally, once the engine gets up to speed, that kicks in from around 30mph upwards. "We managed to take a heavy, expensive lump out of the equation [the transmission], without sacrificing the ability of the combustion engine to provide drive to the rear wheels,

The Regera is rear wheel drive only, so 0-62mph takes a relatively tardy 2.7 seconds. "We can't go any faster than that because of traction," Christian says. 0-186mph takes 12 seconds flat, while 0-250mph takes under 20 seconds. It'll go from 93mph to 155mph in just 3.2 seconds, and top out at 255mph. Let those numbers swirl around your head for a moment.


Because it's a petrol-electric hybrid, you can travel up to around 18 miles on pure electric power alone, but we suspect with a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 on board, you'll likely want to utilise everything. In total, Koenigsegg reckons on an output somewhere close to 1800bhp and 1475lb ft of torque.

as quoted by CVK to TOP GEAR

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