Is the S550 Mustang the new FRS/BRZ/ST of Oppo?

Seems like there’s a lot of us now. I count 3 Ecoboost and 3 GT on board, assuming I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Also I just want to say I started the Ecoboost trend.

It’s not really surprising. This platform is fantastic: the suspension is great for mixing fun and comfort, the interior is a wonderful place to be, the exterior is gorgeous, and each engine option provides a decent balance of fun and economy. Except the V6, don’t get the V6.


Not to mention they aren’t horrendously impractical. The trunk is enormous and the back seat exists. The only time I’ve found myself wishing I had more space was when I got my tires mounted, but I had a friend bring a truck and later figured out a way to get all 4 in the car.

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