Is the Sedan Based Hearse Not Long for this World?

Slightly morbid thought but I realized that once the XTS is out of production we’ll need a new Cadillac casket mover. I really don’t see the CT6 making the move so either the XT5 or some future XT7 would be the candidates. Add that to the only people shopping the MKT and you pretty much have an all CUV hearse market. I don’t see the Chrysler 300 hearse continuing once FCA realizes the that “Chrysler” is a brand and not a model name.

What do you think, can you think of a reason to have a hearse based on a large sedan over a midsize/large CUV?


On a different note, this is the only time you’ll see a Lincoln MKT limousine with a trunk (all the others have a hatch)!


This segment is going to completely change over the next decade or two.

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