I’m pretty sure we were all impressed with the 18' Navigator. I know I was. I was even more surprised when they came out saying that its going to potentially have 450 hp from its Ecoboost V6. That’s crazy. But it got me thinking. Could it be a nail in the coffin for the Mustang’s 5.0?


If some of you hadn’t already known, Ford’s goal has been to downsize engines to increase efficiency while maintaining horsepower at similar if not more levels. That’s where the Ecoboost engines come in. And for 2018 the Mustang does away with the V6 for the Ecoboost 4 and the 5.0 Coyote. Both see no power increases for 18', only an increase in torque, though they haven’t said by how much. Where am I going with this? This Ecoboost could put the V8 in trouble.

The Navigator is already going to be 15 hp up on the 5.0 and not only be smaller but more efficient in doing so. Someone is probably going to say “ well Ford still has the 5.2" but that’s only for Shelby duty. This could go a few ways though: Either I’m completely wrong and Ford updates the 5.0 with more power in 2019, Ford does proper by Lincoln by having this 450 hp 3.5 exclusive to Lincoln, or Ford is slowly phasing out all other engines in favor of a line of powerful Ecoboost engines in all models. What do you guys think?

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