Is there a car in your town you want to save?

I see this car all the time, and am kind of stalking it. I want to leave a note on it that I will buy it, but I am not allowed to get any more cars.


I was really stealthy, and parked the Sunchaser in the street with flashers on to take these. Look at those stock wheels. God damn. Sadly, it has been degrading since I started watching it; the damage to the bumper and the broken light are new. I really dig these old Legend coupes, and this one has a lot of potential. Bummer.

Are you stalking any cars?

Bonus content:

Thanksgiving was interesting, as the Sacramento Bee ran an editorial telling the world to be thankful for the guy who is suing me, and for the 9th Circuit judge who called me a mafioso and a serial killer.


Considering that backdrop, you would think it would have been pretty firey. But it was surprisingly milquetoast, and didn’t really make much of a point. My wife thinks he was ready to blast me, but talked to me and realized I am not a monster. I have no idea, but it generated no buzz at all.

In contrast, one of my employees and her sister surprised me last night with a tray of homemade tamales to thank me for helping her family when her father died unexpectedly. She wrote a really sweet card and gave me a big hug and said thank you for being a good boss. I am not a very expressive person, but it affected me.


I win because I care most about the people closest to me, not some newspaper guy who doesn’t know me.

Now if I can solve more important problems, like how to get my hands on that Legend without getting divorced....

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