Kinda in the guise of “never meet your heroes” but different. Is there a car you once was a fan of/liked/fancied/ect. or anything of the sort, that after some sorta online experience (social media, youtube, Top Gear, Fifth Gear, ect.) you now have a bit of disdain or dislike towards?

Here’s mine. There is only one car and one reason with that car I have dislike for it, all in one picture...


Now when the Huracan first came out, I was in love with the car inside and out. Like a modern-retro V10 Countach to me, if there was ever a modern Lambo (I CAN DREAM DAMMIT) I aspired to own and/or drive, this was the one. Better looking and probably better driving than an Aventador, this is it.

Then HE bought one and then I met HIM... Now when I see Huracans around town (1-3 a week nowadays), I appreciate the sound, design, and interior that I still have yet to sit in; but then that guy pops in my head and I’m Back to looking at 911s, Boxsters/Caymans, and R8s for future dreams. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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