So the woman has it in her head it’s time to part ways with her 2012 Malibu. I agree so long as she keeps payments in the same range as she is now. She bought it new and it now has just under 40k miles and actually owes less than it’s worth. so sweet maybe get some trade in with it. The thing is she’s got me checking out the market for her. Price range would be 20 to 23k.

So far I’m completely unimpressed with every midsize in this range. I don;t under stand why every company seems to insist on pushing options soo high on the price for mid sizes and I really don’t see much difference in any of the cars. you get 180 to 190 hp 4cyl, radio with aux port and it seems mostly only can choose CVT’s. who the fuck wants to buy these? I’m not impressed. for the money I’d rather put her in a 3 year old CTS or something... Ugh..