Is there a particular reason that the French don't really do supercars?

When I say “the French,” I mean the primary manufacturers.

All the other primary auto-manufacturing nations’ primary automakers have made a supercar…Ford GT, BMW M1, Alfa 33 Stradale (or the 8C in modern times), Nissan GTR, Jaguar XJ220, the list goes on forever…


Now we’ll put Bugatti aside just because they usually only ever have one model, and plus for a time they were based in Italy, so there is that influence there.

I’m also not sure where Alpine fits into this equation. Venturi is fabulous, but too small, and technically these days they’re not French, but Monégasque, so that’s sort of like a “boutique” manufacturer type thing that you’ll see in smaller countries (like Lebanon/UAE and the W Motors Lykan Hypersport)


So why has there never been a supercar from Peugeot, Renault, or Citroën? Is there some kind of market condition, tax on engine displacement, cultural value, etc, that has made this unappealing?

They make beautiful designs, and the Peugeot Vision concepts look amazing, they do great in racing so they clearly have the know-how (savoir-faire hahaha)


Their cities are just as dense as Italy’s more or less, and the speedlimits aren’t any higher, so why did they tend to specialize in hot hatches, while Italy is more known for full-blown supercars? (Heck, I think petrol and vehicle registration is more expensive in Italy than France even…)

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