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Is there a reliable way to calculate Hybrid Torque?

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I checked online couldn’t find anything concrete. Very few manufacturers state the torque. I think the Malibu has official numbers from Chevy for total torque. Acura has this for its RLX Hybrid with the following disclaimer- “Horsepower and torque figures includes the maximum power of the engine and all motors combined that can be produced at any one time. Not SAE net.”


I have seen mostly total system HP but not torque

I know that electric and gas engines make torque at different RPMs so how would you calculate total torque in this instance? Case in point the new Sonata-


2.0L Inline 4 cylinder-

150 hp @ 6,000 rpm

139 lb‐ft. torque @ 5,000

Electric Motor-

Power Output 39 kW (51 HP) @ 1,800–2,300 rpm

Torque Output 151 lb.‐ft. @ 0‐1,800 rpm

Combined Horsepower 192 hp

Combined Torque?


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