I have had my Bel Air for almost 4 month now. And it is great!

At first, I didn’t care about what had happened to the car before I got it. As for a girlfriend, I don’t really wanna know what kind of sketchy stuff happened before I got it.

But now I’m getting curious. I know that the car has first been registered in France in October 2014 due to the license plate. It has then been sold to a French car dealer who sold it to a German dealer. I bought it from that dealer. I have no idea what happened in the 54 years before that.

The VIN is 016110104509, which tells me that:
- It’s been built in 1960 ==> 0 (no surprise here)
- It’s a Bel Air V8 ==> 16 (no surprise either, maybe relief that it wasn’t a modified I6)
- It’s a 2 door sedan ==> 11 (1 door, 2 doors, yep)
- There’s an error in the papers, since the 0 should be a letter, so I guess it’s an “O”
- It’s been built in Oakland, CA == > O (that’s new information)
- It’s the 4509th Bel Air V8 2 door sedan built in Oakland that year, making it nothing special ==> 104509


I read that Carfax only works on cars from 1981 and newer.
Is there a way to retrieve more information?

[EDIT] I found this ad from when it was sold in the US in 2012


It looks like my car, it confirms that the seats have been replaced, and the American Racing wheels have been added afterwards. So the drivetrain now has about 10.000 miles on it. Contrary to what the ad says, it doesn’t have an AC though.