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Is there any hope on this planet?

Somebody very close to me is currently having a very difficult time finding a job. This person has been looking since before they finished school in December, but despite having an economics degree and a GPA above 3.0 they’re just getting pointless dead end offers. I know we all got the “nobody will give you jack shit without an engineering degree” memo, but fuck’s sake, is it too much to ask for a fucking job that has benefits and opportunity for advancement? No one is looking for a golden parachute here, just a god damned dignified job worth toiling away at.

It just sucks because I care about this person very much, but I feel so helpless in this situation. There’s nothing I can do except cheer them on, and it seems like it’s helping less and less every day. On top of it all, I’m all the way over here in France, and I feel terribly guilty because I have an excellent opportunity waiting for me when I finish school in another year. Just because I was lucky enough to have a father who could set me up with an internship two years ago and give me a chance to actually prove myself to somebody? Is that what this comes down to, just a fucking lottery? Makes me sick.


Somebody please tell me I’m wrong, tell me there’s a reason to be hopeful for the future. I’m normally a fairly optimistic person, but it’s just getting hard. Sorry to bring you all down.

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