I’ve recently transplanted the guts of my old 2011-vintage gaming rig into a much smaller case. I wasn’t using it much and it was taking up space, so I figured that a smaller case would make it easier to move around. Everything almost fits, with one of the optical drives sticking out a few mm because the back hits the edge of the MB - yeah, it’s a bit tight.

There were some minor issues with getting the various drives connected to the right ports (the IDE stuff, not the SATA), master and slave and all that crap. I changed a few cards whilst updating it, but something went weird when I popped the video card in, with the machine getting warm and that all too familiar burning electrical smell. The magic smoke had been released from the ol’ 9800GT (one of two that used to be installed, with the other moved to a different computer).

I was looking to get a cheap-ish card to replace the 9800, but for the life of me I can’t figure out AMD’s old numbering scheme. Is a 7570 better than a 6450? One would think so, but the stats sites don’t seem to be giving me a consistent answer as to which card is better than the next. It seems that a GT 730 would be a good replacement for the 9800 GT, but I don’t exactly want to spend that much (yeah, I know it’s not really that much...) So, what would be a suitable replacement for my old video card? I have better a better machine for current gaming, so this thing is more for the older stuff. All I want is to find a cost-effective replacement that is at least as good as what I had. There’s a ton of various Radeon HD models out there - which one do I go for?