Is there anything wrong with having 2 Foresters in the driveway when there's a possibility of a WRX? My wife and I are going to be having kids in a few years and, while I would love to get a 2015 WRX, I think the FXT is just more practical. Occasionally for work I have to load my car up with parts and take them to get painted- in a rex, that would take multiple trips whereas the Foz could do it all in one trip.

We also just bought a house, and I could see the Foz doing double duty with getting stuff from the hardware store or Home Depot where the rex simply couldn't keep up.

SO, I ask you, Opponauts, what would you do? Get a '15 WRX and have the ultimate corner carver, but hurt your back loading kids in/out and suffer when it comes to hauling stuff, or get a '14 FXT and have a fast jack-of-all, but master-of-none?