Is There Really A Market For This?

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This shop is from a small town close to me, and as cool as this is, is there really a market for this?


These truck are pretty cool and the OG bronco’s are awesome. This shop also does good enough work that Ford themselves have allowed them to use the Ford name in a licensing agreement.


Their work looks perfect frankly, and the use of what appears to be quality parts would put these on par with the ICON Defenders. However, these trucks start at $90k and run all the way up to nearly $200k. Can this be serious, are people really in that big of a need to pass out money?


All in all, the trucks are awesome (and with a coyote, probably a hoot to drive) but holy crap expensive. Its also pretty cool to see a small town (Population. 800) shop get noticed by the big boys for quality work.

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