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Is this '98 Supra CP?

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For some reason I feel like we can almost expect the A80 gen Toyota Supra to be overpriced. Put on a pedestal by JDM fantasies and a generation of Fast & Furious movies, I don’t think you can find one cheaper than 50k, and if it is it has high miles or something is wrong with it.

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This example is a 1998 A80 Supra on sale at MDK International here in Southern California (Burbank. For some reason I feel like they are internationally known. I could be wrong). They have some exotics in their inventory, but this si the second most expensive car they have after a 2013 Rolls Ghost. It has the twin turbo I6 and a few HKS mods. From the dealer details:

THE very last year of legendary A80 MKiv supra - in the most desirable configuration - factpru Twin Turbo Manual SUPRA! - 2JZ-GTE paired with amazing Getrag V161 transmission


* Racing Harts M5 3-piece wheels w/ polished lip wrapped in brand new Nitto NT05 tires

* Tien Street Flex coilovers (we also have stock shocks / struts)

* HKS intercooler (also comes with stock intercooler)

* HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve

* Stock intake (flows much better than aftermarket due to ram air effect of stock intake box)


* HKS Dragger exhaust w/ down pipe and catless mid-pipe

* Whifbitz Aero Style front lip

* Cusco front strut brace

* HKS EVC 6 boost controller

* HKS turbo timer

* Pioneer Navigation (w/Bluetooth + Pandora) + JL Audio C3/C5 Speakers w/ JL Audio 10" Sub + JL Audio 6 channel amp + MagicBox Sub enclosure (near factory fit) (we also have the stock speakers and stock sub enclosure)


* Brand new StopTech rotors + pads + stainless brake lines

* Alpine alarm system

* HKS FCD (fuel cut defender)

* Brand new Welbro fuel pump and freshly refurbished / recoated fuel tank

* NGK Iridium plugs + cables

* Solid shifter mounts

* TRD transmission mounts + Brand new motor mounts

* Brand new Clutch Masters 6 pack clutch (holds up to 800hp with nearly stock clutch peddle feel) + OEM LUK flywheel


* New fluids everywhere including specific V160 transmission fluid

* PLX multi-gauge (touch screen) fits perfectly instead of factory clock (the car also comes with OEM clock)


* Radar detector hardwire kit

* Powerhouse Racing EGR delete kit (stock EGR is included in the sale)

* Running parallel setup on factory stock twins 

Per the Carfax, it has a clean title and only 2 previous owners with 39,111 miles on the odo. Their asking price? $94,990 which I feel is out of line but at the same time I don’t but I could be wrong. You can only see the car by appointment only. And if you are thinking of coming in there to try and talk them down to $80k you’re sadly mistaken as they have the bullshit no haggle policy. Is this NP or CP? I vote CP.

Illustration for article titled Is this 98 Supra CP?
Illustration for article titled Is this 98 Supra CP?

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