People in the center of the country tend to be more courteous, patient drivers that those on the coasts. Usually that’s a wonderful thing, but every once and a while it produces some ridiculous results. Here we see a clusterfuck of drivers, who upon seeing a sign reading “RIGHT LANES CLOSED X MILES AHEAD”, all decide to move into the left lane and come to a screeching halt, because by God there’s a line, and cutting in line would be rude. Beside, the sign says the lane is closed.

But here’s the thing: it says the lane is closed ahead. That means that up there, there isn’t a right lane, and back here, there is. You don’t have to run right up to the cones and then shove your wa over, but for Pete sake people, at least try alternate feeding. Actually, don’t because for one glorious mile, I got my own private express lane on the busy highway. I know it’s late, so I may retire this in the morning.

Also, I have never seen so many RVs before as I have here in Yankton, SD. There are no such things as locals, only tourists and campers.