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Is this because of a lawsuit or something?

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I have an iPad and a Fire HD 10. I’ve tweaked the Fire a little so I can use Chrome and the YouTube app amongst other unsupported apps. I prefer the Fire for video because of the wide aspect ratio and better placement of the speakers for video, and like the iPad for reading and web surfing, mostly because of its 4:3 aspect ratio. Often times in bed I have a video going on the Fire whilst I surf the web or shop on the iPad.


One thing that I miss on the Fire is the ability to pinch for zoom and shrink. Is it supposed to be able to do that? Am I missing a setting somewhere? Maybe it’s because I’ve been an iPad user since the first one in 2010, but the iPad just seems smoother and easier to use despite having ‘lesser’ specs. When in YouTube on the Fire I find that I frequently miss the little icon to blow up the video and skip to the next vid, a problem I never had with the iPad. Or its tough to hit because it’s almost covered by the case.

 Can I make the Fire behave more like the iPad?

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