Hello! I hope everyone’s weekend was good. I had the hell beaten out of me by some hurricane waves and a sand bar in the name of one 3 second ride. In addition to that I seem to have acquired a rabbit...

We have animals...English Mastiff, Boxer, Chicken x6, Duck, White’s tree frog, Amazon milk frog, box turtle, and now I guess a rabbit. My wife was helping her sister move and during that move they were trying to re home their floppy eared bunny. I advised caution when trying to re home it as there are a lot of psychos out there. They met a few of those psychos and decided against them.


So my wife brings her home and is continuing to try to find a good home for her. I don’t want a rabbit. We had one before and he was a stinky asshole. However, I love animals and I am a realist. If that rabbit spends more than one day in our home with our 1 year old (who obviously already LOVES it)...we’re keeping her. Anyway, meet Mia Wallace:

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Now I just have to do for her what I have done for all of the other animals I don’t want in the house...Build an extravagant enclosure for her.

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