“Your Focus ST sucks; I had an SVT and it was nothing special”
That quote pretty much sums up the narrative throughout our conversation. I need Oppo’s input to enlighten me; is this guy out of touch with modern automobiles? Does he belong to a group of enthusiasts I have yet to encounter? Or am I just being overly sensitive?

A little background: So I had the strangest conversation with a “car guy” the other week, and it hasn’t been sitting right with me. Now I call him a car guy because he owns a 13 year old Mustang convertible, a Crown Vic police cruiser, a Mercury Capri (that he is currently modifying), and a GMC Truck. He also stores his friend’s vehicles on his property which range from Monte Carlos to MX-3s.


Earlier I had branded him as a muscle car guy and so I was expecting a lack of appreciation for hot hatches and imports. Since he owned a few Fords, I thought he may actually appreciate the ST. But I had not met a “gear head” with such a weird view on automobiles. Now my problem is not that he didn’t like my vehicle, far from it. It was the reasons that he gave; “Why wouldn’t you just buy a Cobalt SS?”, “All Fords are crap”, and “I owned an SVT Focus and it was nothing special”.

It was very hard to have a real conversation as he seemed less interested in having a discussion than proving that my car is crap (“all Ford parts are Autolite; your battery is going to fail”). The fact that he currently owns 3 Ford vehicles seemed to be lost on him. I kept the conversation civil, above the belt, and didn’t dis any of his rides. I’m not a Ford fanboy, I love all vehicles, and I have never bragged up my cars. So I really don’t know where he was coming from with all the unadulterated hatred.

I came to realize that he may be out of touch with modern automobiles as he thought that the local police are replacing their Crown Vics with those new Dodge Calibers.
He wouldn’t hear any of it when I tried to explain that modern cars are a lot more powerful than their 15 year old counterparts ( i.e. a new base Focus is quicker than the old SVT). In his mind, that old SVT is the same car as the new ST. The extra 125 lb/ft of torque and 85 hp “makes no difference” to him.

This whole encounter has left me a little confused. I have never met anybody like this at any car show, meet, or autocross event. Am I just taking his subjective disliking of my vehicle too personally? Is this guy just uninformed, a fanboy, living in a time capsule, just a hater? Or is he of a breed of auto enthusiast that I haven’t encountered yet?