I listed my WRX for sale last night, and about 12 hours later received a text at 5:19 am from someone asking about it. But I’m suspicious. Their text reads as follows:

“Do u still have your listed vehicle on car .com for sale? If yes, kindly email me at [his email] for further correspondence cause I’m at work.”

Now there are a few reasons why I’m suspicious. Firstly, it’s a Sunday. And a reverse email lookup shows his location as Mountain View, CA. 5:19am Eastern time is 2:19am CA time. Apparently he starts work at 3:00am on a Sunday.

Secondly, he used the word “kindly.” The first time I heard that term was from those Indian scam calls (“Your computer has been hacked, kindly send us your SS number...”). And I’ve only ever heard it used by Indian people (a LOT of my Carnegie Mellon classmates were Indian exchange students).

Maybe I’m paranoid, but I think it’s unlikely that there are any legitimate Indian buyers who work the graveyard shift on Sundays and are interested in buying a car that is 3000 miles away.

What are Oppo’s thoughts?