Over the past 2 weeks I have seen 3 separate people doing this.

They get a flat tire and pull off to the side of the roadway, but they just keep on going. They travel at a much slower rate than traffic, but they don't seen to stop. On Saturday I saw a guy in a truck with a flat actually get on the highway with the flat tire... Today, on my way to work, I saw an H2 traveling at about 20 mph in the break down lane with a flat tire that was completely shredded. the only rubber left was the tattered remnants of the sidewalls. This person never once stopped driving the whole time I could see them and there was plenty of space to pull off and change a tire, AND YES, they did have a full sized spare mounted to the back of the car.

I mean is this laziness? Ignorance? ???? Is it really that hard to say "hey boss, I got a flat I'm going to be in a little late?" WHAT???!!