Ferrari is dead to me, you, and everyone who truly loves cars. Today is a sad day. Pictured above is a track day that Ferrari holds for their rich, entitled owners who care more about how the car looks then the soul trapped within the prancing horse found on the engine. There was a time in 1964 when Dino Ferrari (son of the late Ferrari Montezumelo Enzo) described Ferrari's as "true enthusiast vehicles that will kill you if you do not gently roll on to the throttle whilst feathering the clutch". Yes, clutch pedals used to be available on Ferraris, when they were real cars. The dog paddles found behind the wheels of the new Ferraris are lifeless and boring; truly, tragic.

I was inspired to write this post from the great coverage given by Travis and Jason over the past few days. Their insights in to the brand are helpful for us, true enthusiasts. Ferrari doesn't care about you, they care about people who buy their cars! What a shame. Who puts Ferrari posters on their walls? Who lusts after these great vehicles such as the F40, the F50, the 250GTO and the Bread van circa de Catalyuna? Us. The last remaining Jalops. Ferrari has given up on us buy building cars "americanized" as Jason says.

My good friend Tokyo Bay summed it up beautifully while talking to Travis:


Ferrari's are no longer cars for the true driving/GT enthusiast, they're flamboyant, finicky, fragile toys for the rich man. Some of them are still used for autocross and track days, and those that use them for such should be given accolades. But I can't recall any brand change it's core values so quickly as Ferrari, and not for the better. For them, it's about money, and money only.

What a shame. Shame on you Ferrari for making the 458 Speciale which is a flamboyant toy. Shame on you Ferrari for producing the La Ferrari which is clearly designed for some rich and snobbish hollywood heiress. Shame on you Ferrari for creating the FF; a poor attempt to recreate the italian breadvan shooting break of olde which we all loved. Shame on you for Ferrari for creating the F12 Berlinetta which is obviously a soft, slow, GT Car that is hard and uncomfortable for long cruises. Shame on you Ferrari for giving up on your core principles of raw speed, passion, and heart. Today is a sad day. 9/11/2014, Never Forget.