Is This The Greatest Piece Of Automotive Advertising Ever?

When Malcolm Bricklin started importing Subaru 360's in 1968, he decided on an unusual advertising campaign. The slogan was “Cheap and Ugly Does It” inspired, no doubt, by Volkswagen’s “Lemon” ads.


And, as part of that campaign, they produced the completely bizarre spec sheet shown above. On the front is that composite picture showing a 360 in what looks like a fishtank. The photo has a lenticular 3D effect which is really rad, but I have no idea how it was supposed to sell cars. The 360, despite all its charms, does not work as a submersible. On the back side was a list of the car’s amazing specifications like the 51 mph cruising speed, and incredible 25.4 ft. lbs. of torque.

I’m not sure how many of these they printed as they’re really hard to find. Mine looks like it was actually stored in a fishtank, but it hangs proudly on my wall as one of the stranger pieces of automobilia ever made.


The lenticular surface also makes it hard to digitally photograph or scan.

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