Yesterday morning, I published an essay about my urge to get a Cougar.

Fellow Opponaut and personal friend SM70 noticed my keenness for vertical c-pillar and rear window angles, shrewdly posted a picture of a facelifted seventh gen Buick Riviera.

BOOM, I was in love

Love at first sight. Screw the Cougars, the 1989-1993 Riviera is where it's at.

With the smooth edges and in that particular shade of Caramel, it looks as sweet as a Werther's candy. Makes you undeviatingly want to place it in your mouth. Ok maybe not !

Please scroll down to admire a selection of pictures I carefully harvested on Bing Images, and have a great day !


That profile

Advanced Technology


Branded tail lights (they don't do this anymore)

First class luxury


"The Lady in Red"

Strong heritage