Is this the ultimate GT-R?

What would you do if you could afford a Nissan GT-R, and it was on your wishlist? For a bit lower than the MSRP of a brand new model GT-R you could purchase this full show car modified Nissan GT-R that's for sale, which happened to attend SEMA.


It's obviously not for everyone. This kind of car is for the type of person that likes to attend shows, or have a very uniquely customized machine. I personally would be more interested in Nissan GT-Rs for sale that compete on the drag strip, ideally with AMS tuned parts. AMS tuning can pump a GT-R to well over 1,800hp. This one however is not tuned for performance in that regard, but tuned to look like it will eat your jalopy for breakfast.

With that said it's a great looking car, perhaps a limited market of enthusiasts could afford such an aggressively modded car for show. But it makes me wonder if the next owner will continue to modify it. If I were the next owner I'd probably swap out the wheels for something with a dark center, and wrap the car in a different color.

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