Is This the World's Worst Custom Buick?

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A few months ago, I spotted a last generation Buick Riviera in the Walmart parking lot in Schenectady, New York. Now, I'm kind of a fan of the '90s Riv - it may not have been sporty, or particularly well made, but it was tastefully styled and had kind of a neat dash, with its plethora of hooded round instruments. This one, though, has been treated to something of an Amerigasm by a certain owner with obviously unusual pride in his Clinton Era Buick and unusual taste to go with it. I failed. to take any pictures the first time around and despaired of ever seeing it again - but today it was back! I'll let the photos do the talking, forgive the bad quality, I didn't have much time and had to take them through the windows of my company van.


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