There is so much awful going on here I don't even know where to begin. I'm glad I haven't had lunch yet because I would have thrown up in my mouth. I'm pretty sure this is the worst front end modification I've ever seen but I have a feeling Oppo will prove me wrong. Let's just run down the list of things that make this thing so damn cringe worthy.

1.) It's a G-Wagen, you shouldn't fuck with that design, ever.

2.) It's a G-Wagen so it's douchey to begin with but they went and made it metallic pink.

3.) An E-Class front end, really? Should have at least gone S-Class...busters.

4.) California plates because of course they are.

If you have a car to share that's even worse, please do so but I'm pretty sure this can't be topped. Is that a challenge? Of course it is, this is Oppo!




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