As a veteran of dozens of training seminars, as both a presenter and participant, I know a terrible, cheesy, totally useless piece of garbage training material when I see one, and I think this bit for the (admittedly, quite attractive) Rover 800 Fastback takes the cake.

And I’m not even saying that just because its a set of 2019 eyes looking at 1980s material. There’s a lot of 1980s stuff still in circulation in corporate training libraries right now, so simply being dated doesn’t automatically make something totally invalid.

No, this is terrible because it contains hardly any useful, actionable information, and the characters are unlikeable caricatures of some of the worst stereotypes about car salesmen, and we’re somehow supposed to sympathize with them.


Fortunately for Rover, these things pretty much sold themselves on the UK market, at least. Nowhere else though. 

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