What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

"Hypercar 'holy trinity' set for Top Gear track battle." I assume not, since I can't find any other news on this.


THE SCENE is set for what is being billed as the greatest showdown in supercar history. This spring, the three most advanced cars on the planet are due to go head-to-head on the track for the first time.

McLaren's 217mph P1 and the 211mph Porsche 918 Spyder will be brought together with the Ferrari LaFerrari (top speed unknown, but more than 217mph) in a contest organised by Top Gear.

Each will be in the hands of the Stig, Top Gear's mysterious, unnamed racing driver, who will take their combined 2728bhp, hi-tech hybrid systems and carbon-fibre chassis to the limit as he sets a lap time for all three.

After all the hype about these hypercars, this could prove the ultimate test of speed, grip and streamlining. The results matter far more to each firm than having the best top speed or fastest acceleration — whatever they might say.

"We're aiming for a big, iconic circuit where the Stig can get a decent speed up on the straights"

Andy Wilman, executive producer of Top Gear, said that Ferrari and McLaren were the most fiercely competitive, and were still discussing exactly where and how their cars would be tested. "That's your Foreman and Ali," he said. Porsche, whose 918 is the cheapest of the three at a mere £625,000, may assume that its car's four-wheel-drive system will give it an advantage on any track.

The three cars — dubbed the holy trinity — are likely to race at the site of previous closely fought motorsport battles in mainland Europe: Monza in Italy or Imola in the republic of San Marino. The Paul Ricard circuit in France is another possibility. Dry weather is crucial for the test.

"We're aiming for a big, iconic circuit where the Stig can get a decent speed up on the straights," said Wilman. The showdown will not be shown in the current Top Gear series, which is due to finish at the end of this month, so it is likely to be screened as a one-off episode later this year.

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