Is Xdrive any fun?

One thing that has come up a lot on my next car search is the E90 328i, and 90% of them are Xdrive.

I’ve been driving a full time AWD car with a 50/50 split for awhile now and I enjoy the control it brings. Now BMW’s Xdrive system is a 40/60 split which sounds great. However I can also electronically shift up at All The Power front or rear with the use of clutch packs. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sounds a lot like it would make holding a AWD “drift” near impossible because when the rear slips out it’ll make the car FWD pull you back straight.


Has anyone had hands on hoon experience with one? Can it been fun. Also marvel at the CP on this E90 Wagon. Yeah it’s awesome, but over 14 grand for a car with 117,000 miles! Nah I’ll pass. If it was 9-10,000 I’d be all over it.

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