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ISF saga has taken a turn. Rant.

I have found a couple ISFs I like which means I have the price im going to pay about solified. Great! Now to get financing...

My feeling right now.

Been declined twice for credit to buy the car because we don’t have enough credit history... So we can’t get a loan because we don’t have enough history and can’t get more history because we can’t get a loan. My wife and I each have nearly a 800 credit score. We make a pretty decent amount of income. Have had credit cards for years. Our only debt is the house, which we got approved no problem. So you’re saying its easier to get a loan on a house than a car? I don’t understand. They did say if we wanted to do a 10k loan they could approve that. Well credit union person, if I wanted a 10k car I would pay cash. These people suck.

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