This is my entry for the track contest, a rally course located on Isla Nublar, the site of Jurassic Park. I'm adding it here so that I can tag spots on the map with photos in the comment section.


Course Description: After InGen left the island, Jurassic Park's infrastructure quickly fell apart. The island is technically off limits to visitors (because velociraptor), but that hasn't stopped a ragtag group of rally enthusiasts from coming to Isla Nublar once a year to race around the service roads that line the perimeter of the old Jurassic Park.

The course is primarily mud and dirt and starts right at the dock. It's really not safe to venture any further inland than that unless you're in a 100 mph rally car. The course generally sticks to the edge of the coastal mountain ranges except near the southern part of the island where it climbs up and a dangerously twisty section of road into the foggy highlands before descending back down into the valley. If drivers are lucky, they will eventually make it back to the finish line at the docks.

A typical vehicle choice for the Isla Nublar Special Stage:


In the comments section, I've added photos taken from various spots around the course (please forgive the hasty 'shops) and tagged their location on the map in the header. Feel free to add any other suitable pictures.

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