There’s an enduro race in Austria held yearly called the “Erzburg Rodeo.” It’s fucking lunacy... It’s held at an old iron mine. The course is about 30 miles long and out of 500 or so qualifiers each year, maybe 15-20 actually finish the race course.

Before seeing random videos of the rodeo, I had no idea such two-wheeled brutality was possible. At least at the Isle of Man TT, the pain-hammer comes quick, and you assume that they feel no pain... But at Erzburg, while watching it, you want to cry for the riders...

Apparently, Redbull has become the main sponser over the past few years, so excuse the x-games-ification of this video... As a matter of fact, this year’s presentation was just too much redbull bs, so I linked the video from a couple of years ago which isn’t quite as bad... But check it out if you’re not familiar the Rodeo.


And definitly don’t miss the “Carl’s Diner” section at 22:00 min into the video.. unreal. Usually when you watch any kind of racing, you wish you were in on the action; but watching this, I don’t know if I would want even a little piece of this action..................

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