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Isn't this just great

This is just fantastic.

I received not one, but TWO of these notices in the mail yesterday.


Some pervert, guilty of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, has moved into my neighborhood. Our neighborhood is full of kids. The other fellow moved into the adjacent neighborhood, but we are close enough to warrant notification.

I was hoping to get our new pervert kicked out because the neighborhood is close to a school, but the proximity law only applies when the victim was under the age of thirteen. So now we know that the child molester went after a child who was 13 to 16 years old. Seventeen is the age of consent in Louisiana.

The law doesn’t apply to the other pervert because he is living far enough away from the school to be compliant. This fellow is a bigger problem because his victim was under the age of thirteen. Now we really do have to watch out for free candy vans.

My kids are old enough to avoid being a victim, but I worry about the other kids in the neighborhood, especially the younger ones.

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