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Issues Sorted (Repost for the day shift)

After some prodding Thursday when I got to work, I found the culprit for my random running/coughing issues on the van. I had a broken wire in one of the engine-body plugs.

So after work Friday, my Grandpa came over, and we set out to fix it. I cut the plug off my old motor and we set off splicing it in:

Got each connection soldered, then wrapped with heat shrink. With that done I put the loom back on and retaped everything:


With everything connected I finished putting everything back together:


Took it for a run around, issues solved!

So after running it around this weekend, all seems sorted. I still need to get the AC fixed (Just needs a charge) and I should have an alignment done, but those are minor right now.


The 3.3L lacks low end torque severely over the 3.8L that I had and mating it to the 3.8L’s longer geared trans only makes the issue feel even worse. It works quite nicely for cruising, managing to be quieter than the old motor, while seeming to net better fuel economy. WOT performance seems about equal, it just lacks low-mid punch and needs to downshift more often.

Thanks: O.C. the Tork Dorque for the new camera, used it for these shots, works great!

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