It ain't much, but it's something....

2005 rental spec Focus is primarily a commuting appliance, gas it, maintain it, clean it when it gets annoyingly dirty.

Thanks to a holiday shutdown, not commuting this week, so she got a wash at the local pay and spray, and a handcrafted oil change and tire rotation (OK, nothing special, but I did it myself without power tools, and ‘handcrafted’ seems to add to the cache on things these days).

Gotta admit, I have a love/hate relationship with this bird, bought it 11 years ago as a used 2005 rental after Mrs. Comes over hit a deer with her previous ride, just needed something cheap-ish. Figured it’d last a couple years ‘til we traded it off for an upgrade. A few years down the road, looked at what it was worth, decided to run it until it died. Shouldn’t be long, right? It’s the cheap-o Ferd, and it was a rental in a previous life.


11 years and 120K later, I have a throttle position sensor in it other than oil/tires/brakes. There’s juuuust a few spots where the rust is coming to the visible surfaces. The CD player doesn’t work, but a tacked on blootoof FM transmitter does fine with podcasts.

I have spent years researching what my next vehicle would be, and at times have wished I could justify buying something else, but then I hop in the Focus, and get where I need to without any hassle, and not a lot of gas. I could afford to just buy something anyway, but part of me feels like I’d be short changing this little bastard, she ain’t giving up on me, I kind of don’t want to give up on her. Sure I could sell it off for a little something, but I know it probably wouldn’t get parked in a garage and although never babied, maintained pretty well for a car worth less than a couple grand.

I love reading all of the stories of the crazy projects you guys have, and all the trades and swaps, but for me, someday I’ll play around in that game, but for now....she may be a little shitbox, but she’s my little shitbox, and in the late afternoon sunlight after a nice wash, oil change, rotate tires and check the pressure, the chrome still shines and she ain’t too bad...not going to brag about it, but not going to complain, either.

Similar, but not mine, Focus for your time...noticing now in that pic how my antenna has gotten a little ‘droopy’ with age...


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