It Begins Today

This afternoon I have started taking the front end of the Chevelle apart, with the ultimate goal of refreshing everything from the firewall forward (mostly rust repair, cleaning, and engine replacement - I did the suspension a couple years ago).

No idea how long it’ll take, but I’m not really in any sort of hurry. It will get done well and get done right; when I’m done it should be just about good-as-new (or better) from the firewall up. It’ll also make twice the power it did when new...


Unfortunately it’s 85 degrees and 70% humidity in the garage (I’m not joking) so after removing the headlights/buckets and corner markers I came back inside. I need to pull the bumper and it’s too hot to deal with that right now. I’ll con someone into coming by and giving me a hand with the hood soon.

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