It finally happened, and now it’s fixed.

After 3 years of van ownership and not putting on a front plate because ex Florida rental. Wife got a ticket for no front plate. Thanks, Missouri (and ass wipe Bella Villa municipality).

So today while my wife was dealing with our two kids and four of her sister’s we watched overnight so they could party, I went out and ended the 3 year procrastination endurance. I installed a front plate, but that’s not all.


Sometime last year I ordered some cheap aluminum light bracket off amazon for $14, and I planned on installing it on the equinox, but whatever it’s on the van now. I’ll just use some angle iron for equinox if I ever get to that. -insert link,( not the one I bought exactly but same thing)

First I had to get a back plate to attach it to as it’ll hold lights, it can’t just be to the plastic bumper. I cut a piece of 1/8” sheet I had laying around, and tucked it between the plastic bumper cover and the actual steel bumper behind it. Then lined up the “bull bar” close enough to center and sunk in a couple self tapping screws. Then, same with plate, some self tappers into the thin aluminum, and that’s done. Next I just set on some 90’s yellow fog lights I’ve had sitting around in the garage. I’ll wire them up eventually but for now the van looks a little more bad ass.


Side note: the van is now paid off a few months early even. 

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