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It finally happened for the first time...

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My bicycle got stolen yesterday while in downtown Toronto. This picture is roughly what it looked like... only the colour scheme was grey/blue.


First time in my life I’ve ever had my bicycle stolen. Oh well... it was a relatively cheap steel-framed bike when it was new 11 years ago. I put at least 20,000km on. I feel worse for the friend I was with. She just bought her (much nicer) bike earlier this year and only rode it 5-6 times.

I actually have a 2nd bike that is better than the one that was stolen... which I discovered this morning has a flat tire.


Both my friend and I filed a police report. There is also a camera that was pointing at the spot where our and other bikes were lockedup. We contacted the building’s management and with some luck, they’ll be able to provide some security camera footage that we can add to the police report.

I never registered the bike with the police. And I never recorded the serial number of my bike. I should have done that. So today, I decided to do that with my remaining bike... as well as my kid’s bikes.


And I may buy another bike used... but since I don’t want to contribute to the bike theft problem, I’m gonna check the serial number of any bike before buying. And there’s an easy way to do that right here.

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