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It finally happened today

Thanks to a long drive to drop off my motorcycle for service, my wife’s car finally needed a fill up. It’s been 105 days.

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This was my first opportunity to cast my ballot in the gas wars that have been ongoing near me. Costco has been trying to open up a gas station for YEARS. The town gave their first approval to Costco in 2012! But the local asshole competitor has been using every dirty lawyer trick in the world to fight them. He mostly lost (but the point was to stall anyways) except for 1 big victory which has lead to an odd situation. Due to a needed interstate ramp upgrade nearby, Costco has limited hours because they don’t want to add to rush hour (LOL-2020). So the pumps are closed 7-9am and 2-6pm. To be a super asshole, the local competitor drops his prices while the Costco pumps are open, then jacks them back up while they’re closed, showing that he could charge a lot less, but location lets him rake in profits. This guy has just barely wrapped up his $1.5M price fixing settlement from last year.

Anyways, I’ve been boycotting that d-bag for years, and had my first chance today to go to the Costco pumps. Everybody else was there, too. I’ve never seen a station this busy in VT. I feel like all the extra attention from the years-long tantrum has worked in Costco’s favor. Also, because of 3 months of mostly short trips with a PHEV, my wife’s Outlander clocked in at 109.9mpg. 855 miles between fill ups!

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