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It Flies!!!

I’ve been flying helicopters and quadcopters for years, but this is the first plane I’ve built in a really long time. After a quick nose dive on the first launch, I got it balanced properly and tried again. Success!

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My skills were definitely rusty. It’s shocking how the latest control systems have made it so easy to fly rotorcraft. This little plane was all over the place, mostly because of me over-controlling it. It took four or five laps in the pattern to get myself settled down.

Landing went better than I expected. I slowed it down, turned it into the breeze, then waited as it floated down. I have to admit, part of me wanted it to go into a hover so I could ease it to the ground in one spot. It ended up a lot further down field than I thought. A little walking was better than a crash!


All in all, it was a great morning!

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